We Are The Easter People

My dear Brothers and Sisters

During the season of Lent, we prepare ourselves through penance and discipline towards the celebration of Easter. The Easter season is a celebration of life. Easter denotes the resurrection of Christ.

A divine act that brings immense hope in the midst of uncertainty and death. We are called to be witnesses of the risen Lord: to proclaim our love for God and others through obedience to Christ’s teachings, knowing that by so doing we shall find the fullness of life promised in and by Jesus.

Resurrection in itself has little meaning without the cross. Every resurrection has a cross behind it. Jesus taught the paradoxical way that only by death comes life, and only by sacrificial service do we exhibit true greatness. Nevertheless, this does not imply some kind of miserable joyless life. On the contrary Resurrection calls us to choose life and give life, so our faith in the risen Lord should enable us to be channels of God’s saving grace in this world.

May the “Shalom” of the risen Lord reign among us and strengthen us to discern the signs of our times and act accordingly.

Yours in Christ
Fr Lazarus