1st Letter from Our Dean

Dear Friends,

As this is my first letter to you as Dean of the Cathedral, I need to look back and see from where we have come and where we are to go.

First and foremost, we need to acknowledge a huge debt to Fr David Tanton, the previous Acting Dean of the Cathedral. He took over from Fr Don Narraway at the beginning of March 2012, as Priest-in-Charge and was immediately thrown into the deep end having to organize all the services that take place over Easter. Besides the daily running of the Cathedral (meetings with staff, planning services etc), there was the Lent Course and confirmation classes to run: the list seems endless.

From 1st June Fr David was Acting Dean, and we admired his dedication to his work, his deep knowledge of all things pertaining to a church, his tenacity, his sense of responsibility and loyalty. Through this we got to know our Vicar General, Fr Gordon Bauer, and the Education and Training Officer, Fr David Mills. Thank you for looking further afield to broaden our outlook. Then of course, there was the Consecration and Enthronement of Bishop Dintoe, and my own Installation as Dean.

Fr David Tanton & Fr Laz

Fr David Tanton & Fr Laz

Fr David has said that he would still like to be involved at the Cathedral, so we will still see him around. He will first be going away with Ann-Louise, his wife, on a much-needed holiday. As he said this is his third retirement, and he is truly “retreaded” after this “retyre-ment”!! May the Lord’s peace go with you, my brother.

I have now been handed the “reigns” of the Cathedral, and I pray that I can continue to walk in the large footprints that Fr David has made in the place. I am a servant leader on a learning curve, and can make mistakes. We must serve as a team to keep this wonderful House of God a place where anyone may find peace and grace. If you think any matter should be brought to my attention, please feel free to contact me. I have an open door policy.

Thank you for placing your trust in me.

Yours in Christ,
Fr Lazarus.