The Blanket Angels

Delysia HoehneWhen I was still a member of AWF Evening Group (in the 1980’s), it was suggested that we start making squares for blankets. We collected wool and bought some and we were away on our project! After sufficient squares were collected we began making up the blankets. We had a few blankets and graciously gave them out as requested to needy recipients.

The following year the blankets were now much more of a professional and attractive quality. We gave our blankets to parishioners who had been ill – chronically or short term. I remember, someone saying to me when I arrived with a blanket over my arm, “Do I now qualify for a blanket?” The following year we collected 8 blankets and gave them out to the chronically ill on our parish visits. This was a rewarding experience.

In the meantime, Sr Constance was busy with her Knit & Knatter Group who also made items for charity – including blankets. This went on till the time that the group moved from S.M.S. House and finally the ladies who now meet at Siesta are keeping up the tradition!

By appealing through the magazine and the Pew Leaflet many more of our knitters are “Lone Angels” and packets of squares are handed in at all times of the year. These can be handed to the office at anytime.

Believe me, there are lots and lots of one “Lone Knitters”. And we are really grateful to each of them! Thank you “Lone Angels.”

Besides this as mentioned we never say “no” to wool, needles or knitting goods. Please give us these wherever it’s most convenient to you!

Please do not let the lack of a pattern prevent you from joining our Blanket Angels if you are a knitter. Patterns are available from me at anytime! All colours of wool are acceptable – preferable nice bright colours and double knitting wool. God Bless you new Knitters.

The winter will soon be with us even though it is so warm at present. In Bloemfontein the weather has a way of changing in the matter of a few hours!

I am appealing to all who are able to help us in their magnificent and unassuming way with those needles and crochet hooks to get busy once again (as soon as you are able) to work on those knitted, crochet squares once more for our needy folk who are so cold and often forgotten over the cold days of winter!

When the winter wind blows and you have very poor inadequate shelter against the cold, you could be one of those huddled in a small house in the townships. It is often only by God’s grace that we are lucky enough to be snug and warm in our comfortable beds with tummies satisfied and contented with an adequate supper inside us. We are really fortunate to have these privileges.

Please if you can assist our Blanket Angels in anyway do not delay! Blankets are needed anytime. We are always appealing for wool or cash for purchase of the wool. We shall always be thankful.

Written by: Delysia Hoehne +27 (0)51-4361195.

All About  Gertjie Van Der Sijde,  One of our Blanket Angles

Did you know that we have, for the last several years (to be exact from 1977.) Such a wonderful lady in our midst – on the Cathedral campus too!

She has made many complete blankets all by herself, but is no longer continuing due to poor eye sight. She knitted long strips in basket weave and has a friend, Daphne van der Merwe who joins them up for her, and then Delysia finishes them off. She has given out many of these blankets over the last several years to various good causes. What a wonderful contribution from a dear 97 year old lady.

We are so grateful to you, Gertie for also being one of our Blanket angels.
Well done Gertie!!!!