Church Warden’s Report

Can you see the smiles on our faces?

Bloemfontein and many other dryer parts of the Free State have just experienced some good rains and hopefully they have been sufficient for our farmers to start planting their crops. We are so grateful that the Lord has listened to our prayers and we should not forget to thank Him for His great mercies.

We have managed to repair and seal the crumbling lower walls of the side chapel and the workers did a good job. The profit made from the Bingo Evening was used for this purpose, so, thank you so much for your support that evening. We were so blessed with a donation from a parishioner’s estate, specifically to be used for the restoration of the stained glass windows above the altar. They should be totally restored by Christmas. Much appreciation to Kevcor for servicing all the fire extinguishers. But, as you know, maintenance is never ending. If you are a handyman or woman that is prepared to help out, why don’t you talk to Rolf du Plessis or Basil Schroeter, our Estate Manager. They will slot you in where required.

As part of our fund raising campaign, a very successful International Evening was held on the 29th August 2014. Boy was it cold that evening, but the hungry supporters nevertheless came and enjoyed the various dishes on offer. The portions were more than sufficient and one was soon filled to the brim.

We were so fortunate to receive the news that we will have a new priest in our midst in the New Year. This priest will be a huge helping hand to Fr. Lazarus and I appeal to all our parishioners to make this priest at home in our parish. Using the rental monies received from renting one of our flats to a parish member, we will be sanding the floors and doing maintenance to this flat so that the priest can stay on the parish grounds. We appeal to parish members who perhaps have spare furniture, electrical appliances, crockery, etc. to donate them to the church for use in the priest’s flat. How about stocking out the pantry?

There is still so much good happening in our Church. To mention but a few, we have Cheryl and her team who are still feeding the hungry each morning in our soup kitchen, our priests are really trying to visit the parish members, those in hospitals and old age homes and those who have lost their loved ones. With the tight budget, they really have to plan their trips well. We will have to budget so that more funds are available for this important part of their ministry. Furthermore we have the Knit and Knatter group at Siesta, our AWF ladies, Dawn Huskins with her periodic jumble sales and Baby Lange with her outreach programme to the destitute. You and all I have not mentioned in this report, are doing a staunch job, never expecting anything in return.

Unfortunately the printing of the “Visitor” in colour has become very costly. We have had to make the decision to only have it available in black and white. The great contents will remain the same.

On the 25th October 2014 we held our annual bazaar. All the old faithful pitched in to once again make it a successful day. We are so proud of you all and especially to the parish members and friends who turned up to grab the bargains and enjoy a good morning of fellowship.

Finally the Church Wardens appeal to all members to submit your dedication cards and really try and keep to your promised commitment. What we sow, we will surely reap.

Stephen Grimsley.