Church Warden’s Report

A big thank you to the loyal committed Parishioners who have honoured their commitment/pledges.

Winter has set in, we have to endure the cold weather, which the Cathedral has tried to manage by switching on the oil-bar heaters under the pews to make it more bearable for parishioners to attend the Sunday Morning Services. As you realise that these heaters consume electricity, unfortunately we are not in a position to switch these heaters on throughout winter as the Electricity Bill will be very high, and this will impact on the limited budget which is based on the pledges and / or donations which come from the loyal committed members of the Cathedral.
The Fundraising efforts have commenced with the recently held Bingo, which was a success in fellowship and a financial gain to supplement the income of the church.

An appeal to regular members, please attend the church functions and services and be punctual – why are we on time to attend any other event viz; Soccer or the Cinema and yet we disrespect celebrating time with our Creator in giving one to two hours of our time to God?

Remember we should at all times respond to God’s calling: when we are blessed financially, do not raise your standard of living, RAISE YOUR STANDARD OF GIVING!
God Bless

Eldrid Boraine